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Transition Horsham is a community group of local Horsham area residents who are concerned about the effects that climate change and other environmental and economic problems will have on our lives in the near and medium future. We support the ideas and practical solutions of the Transition Towns movement set up by Rob Hopkins in 2006 in Totnes, Devon, where people like us wanted to do something positive to build in flexibility and resilience to their community, so that we not only survive future changes, but thrive.

So Transition Horsham is all about building community networks, sharing and learning new skills. It is about cutting our carbon emissions through establishing new community based ways of producing energy and heating our houses efficiently, reducing our individual carbon footprint, recycling and reducing waste. It is about growing healthy local produce, encouraging local biodiversity through seed swaps, mending clothes and knitting, baking bread and making preserves, learning more through reading groups and film nights, having fun and travelling lightly.

We have a number of projects on the go, so look through the website, join us on Facebook, check out the events page, sign up to get notifications, and if you think there is something you could help with or want to start, then don't hesitate, come to an event and let us know. We look forward to getting to know you.

To find out more about the Transition idea, you can start here.

Nicola Peel

Nicola is back

Nicola Peel, who has inspired us in the past with her talks and films about her work in the Amazon, is back in England after her latest expedition to Ecuador and Guatamala. You can read all about it on her website.

Hydroponics at Colgate?


On Thursday, May 29th, we had a very interesting presentation from Charlie Price of Aquaponics UK about a proposed hydroponics project at Colgate. The proposal is currently subject to planning consultation. Could this be an answer to how we feed ourselves in future with limited land available? To find out more about the project see:-

You can also visit the Aquaponics website

Soap Box

On Thursday, April 24th, we held a well-attended "soap box" evening at which a number of organisations relevant to Transition's aims addressed us.

CoWheels"Co-wheels was set up to develop and run car clubs and we do this in areas where individuals and organisations are committed to ‘kicking the car habit’. We see our role as delivering the ‘nuts and bolts’ of car club operations on behalf of communities, and not just in places where we can make the most money." It is planning to set up in Horsham soon.

Carbon Conversations"Carbon Conversations Groups offer a supportive group experience that helps people halve their personal carbon footprint. They deal with the difficulties of change by connecting to values, emotions and identity. The groups are based on a psychological understanding of how people change." It is free and once 6-8 people in Horsham are interested, then a group can be set up in Horsham, run by Brighton Peace and Environment Centre in collaboration with Groundwork. To find out more or register interest, click here.

Garden Organic Garden Organic is campaigning against a draft EU regulation, first introduced in April 2013, "which would have seen gardeners and farmers prevented from exchanging seeds and growing heritage varieties." This has been rejected by the European Parliament but a new draft may be put before the new Parliament after the elections on May 22nd. Click here for latest news.

Publicising the Community Allotment

Allotment stall

On Saturday morning, April 5th, a number of Horsham Transitioners set up a stall next to the market to help publicise the Community Allotment.

Bottle Top Madness

Bottle Top Madness

Also on Saturday morning, April 5th, Sussex Green Living organised a Bottle Top Madness event at the Quaker Meeting House. Bottle tops are not normally recycled by local authorities but Sussex Green Living has a project to collect and sort bottle tops for recycling. You see more about the event here.

Allotment leaflet

Allotment Barbecue

Thursday, 31st July. Details to follow

Ecover Poster
Green Drinks

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 from 8pm at The Malt Shovel, 15 Springfield Road, Horsham RH12 2PG

Come along for an evening of networking and chat about climate change, peak oil, the environment, living in a sustainable way and all that sort of thing!

Green Drinks normally happens on the second Wednesday of each month, but not in December.

Recent meetings

Click here for notes of the March meeting of Transition Horsham Steering Group.

Go to the Archive for back issues of Newsletters and minutes.

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Sussex Green Living

Take a look at this brilliant website, find out about the new coffee waste packaging recycling scheme Coffee - and meet Pedro Pedro, the planet-loving Peruvian tree frog.

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and we work closely with Horsham Organic Gardeners Society

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